The Adapters

NuMonster brings stock adapters, for your KWA / Krytec Kriss Vectors to install M4 Series stocks. New generation of NuMonster stock adapters was formed with plastic injection tooling with CNC treatment, with embedded metal screw thread for better secure fixing with buffer tube

Designed by Airsoft Player for The Player

This M4 stock adapter was created for a Kriss Vector CRB 45 look-a-like airsoft gun. During the wargame, the designer of this adapter did not satisfy about the original stock, he want more options of adjustment, also want to have something different than others. We believe we found the solution.

Easy to Use

After using both adapters will not be able to fold your Kriss Vector anymore, due to without standard Kriss Vector's stock will interference with the knobs on the right side of the gun after folding the stock and there were no hook to secure the other stock to the gun body, and that it is easy to swap back to original stock by just remove the hinge pin & screw.

Two Adapters

The 3rd generation adapters come with the GBB(Commercial ; 1-3/16-16 UN METAL Threads have truncated(flat) peaks) interface for variety of choice of stock on the market. and also the AEG (M5 METAL Threads ) interface. The adapter was produced with Tooling with sandblasted surface treatment, this adapter should handle the recoil from KWA Kriss Vector, and survival in the extreme sports as the war-game environment.


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